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success story


Coverage and audiovisual production of projects of the United Nations Fund for Food and Agriculture, FAO, to support artisanal fishing sectors in the autonomous regions of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

The production of systematization videos has constituted very important pieces of communication to demonstrate the work of deep transformation that FAO develops in the coastal communities benefited by its projects.

In November 2020, hurricanes Eta and Iota dealt a severe blow to the artisanal fishing sector that is now   with the support of FAO and international cooperation resource partners, they are working on their recovery.

FAO has channeled 7.4 million dollars aimed at strengthening the entire value chain of artisanal fishing with a special focus on gender and attention to women.

After these events, FAO  together with  national institutions  and local communities serve more than 4,000 families in the artisanal fishing sector affected by the hurricanes and delivered 67,400 materials, equipment and supplies for fishing, storage, process rooms and marketing.

The  mission of  FAO for  by 2030 on  the  Caribbean Coast  is to  contribute  to the  ordering, management  and use of  resources   ;natural  in general and fishing  in particular, strengthen capacities with innovation in fishing  techniques  to achieve optimum productivity  values, support the development of profitable  investments that allow access to better markets, ensure productive diversification that  guarantees  food security, the promotion of  safe actions for  adaptation of  variability  and climate change considering the  approach of   ;gender  and cultural relevance.

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