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"healthy eating is better for learning"

"Eating better, you learn better" is the title of the campaign promoted by the Nicaraguan Egg Commission, CNH, in conjunction with the NicaSalud Network, which was launched at the La Verde Sonrisa school.

As a sample of the promotion of nutritious snacks, Dr. Josefina Bonilla, director of the NicaSalud Network, and Alfonso Valerio, spokesperson for the CNH, presented the sandhuevo, an egg sandwich, to the boys and girls, with the aim of showing them to fathers and mothers of families a different way of promoting a good and healthy diet.

“The most important thing is that we return to healthy school snacks, that boys and girls eat foods that do not have added additives or preservatives. This is important for minors to develop well,” said Dr. Josefina Bonilla, director of Red NicaSalud.

For his part, Mr. Alfonso Valerio, commented that "it is recommended that children, parents and teachers promote the consumption of eggs, given the nutritional values and all the studies carried out by the FAO and the WHO that have proven scientifically that children who consume eggs are successful in their classes, better assimilate their homework and are more vigorous”.

The egg is called a functional food, since in one dose many nutrients can be incorporated at the same time, which is why it should be added to the diet of adults and mainly to that of children. The international table of food composition indicates that the egg has vitamins A, D, E, K and several of the B complex, in addition to protein and minerals (selenium, iron, zinc and others), plus the nutrients that contribute to having a good memory. and for people to stay healthy.

In Nicaragua, per capita egg consumption has increased. In 2007, 60 eggs were consumed per inhabitant, today in 2017 129 units are consumed per year, but there is still the challenge of increasing the intake. According to the estimates of the Latin American Egg Institute, ILH, it is estimated that a healthy person should consume 1 egg per day.

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